Winning the Sale in a Big Box Store

The Roofing Product Selector Endcap

Three things must happen to win most building material sales in a big box store. First, the shopper must quickly understand what they’re looking at, why it’s better and if it’s right for them. Second, they need to see and touch the actual product. Third, homeowners need help visualizing what that product will look like in their home.

Making each of these things happen isn’t that hard. What is hard is doing them cost effectively, supporting a step by step process that speeds the shopper to “yes” rather than confusing them. How many times have you been in a big box store and not understood what you were looking at or perhaps becoming bored to keep trying to figure it out?

So, what’s the solution? The answer is a better design process – one that starts literally by making a list of everything your sample or display has to do in order to succeed – attract, engage, educate, convince, make an emotional connection – and more. The next step is to visually explore alternative options visually to deliver each element of success. The final step is to combine the best of the best of these ideas to create a completed design.

We find this approach speeds up the process, ensures nothing is overlooked, resulting in fewer back-end design changes, and far greater success at that magic moment your sample gets its chance in front of the contractor or homeowner.

A perfect example is this big box, roofing “product elector” endcap we designed and produced for a line of roofing products. The multi-part endcap cost effectively combines all the elements needed for success – including the brand story and how to choose the color and the material that’s best for you. Then it supports the product offering with a mix of actual samples to show depth and texture, seamlessly married with HD printed graphics, perfectly color matched and then installed on a beautiful home. Take home samples are also available.

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