Boral Pavers

Develop easily portable brick paver samples that allow end users to; view multiple brick samples, compare various paver colors and styles on the job site.

To give Boral Brick contractors the advantage of showing end users multi-brick samples without having to carry large numbers of brick or oversized heavy sample panels.

Using Sampco’s HD-high definition image capture process, closed color management system and high definition print capabilities, 4’x4’ sections of Boral Brick were captured at a one to one ratio, color corrected and printed actual size on flexible 4’x4’ material. These flexible prints are packed in sets and shipped in custom caring cases for contractors to easily carry onto job sites.


  • Allows end users to view full size brick in 4’x4’ sections on the job site, making it considerably easier to make color and style selections.
  • Contractors can show multiple full size 4’x4’ Boral Brick sections without carrying a truck load of actual brick to every jobsite closing more sales faster.
  • Digitally captured samples conserve the amount of actual brick used for sample allowing all that produce to remain in the revenue stream
  • Easily portable rolled in a tube/carrying case for storage and shipping

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