Dal-Tile HD Hybrid Fan Deck


HD Hybrid Fan deck


Dal-Tile has a need to sample a large number of architects and designers with a new ceramic tile product, with a goal of maximizing their sample budget while providing a high quality sample vehicle.

Project Solution: HD Hybrid Fan Deck

  • Sample consists of one 6”x6” tile and High Definition (HD) images, digitally printed of additional tile colors. Resulting in a light weight easy to use convenient size sample.
  • Sample uses less actual product in sampling, keeping more material in the revenue stream
  • Lighter weight, costing less to ship
  • Allows for quick to market samples and replenishment,
  • HD images capture all of the products color as well as nuances of the actual material.
  • Reduces sample inventory
  • Decreases overall sample spend

Project Comments:

“Dal-Tile strives to bring innovative products and sales tools to market” noted Tisha Stratford, associated brand marketing manager, Dal-Tile. “This is a new tool that utilizes current HD technology to showcase the range of color and character of each product in the program”. “Since this tool combines HD images and only one tile sample piece, this tool uses minimal tile material and thus a lower overall cost,” she said.

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