Green River Lumber Fandeck

Hardwood flooring sample set.

Provide a cost effective solution for Green River Lumber to show their American Hardwood Flooring Collection, a ten sku series, to homeowners, designer and architects.

Sampco created high definition images of each hardwood sku, color corrected using our closed loop color management system and printed the images on a durable substrate.  These high definition printed images are cut to the actual width by 10” long then attached to one live sample.  All nine captures and the live piece are attached together along with information pages and a cover to form the perfect size fan-deck.  This was our first Sampco Hybrid Sample.


  • Reduced cost of sampling
  • Uses considerably less finished product in sampling
  • Freight savings on both inbound and outbound shipping
  • Customizable
  • Small production runs available
  • Shows 10 sku’s in a convenient easy to use format
  • Perfect as a; distributor salesperson, take home, builder model or mobile showroom sample


  • 2010 FESPA Silver Award for New Innovation Application
  • 2010 SGIA Best in Category Award for Unique Application

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