Matrix Frame is revolutionizing what it means to put print on display. Our frames house eye-catching textile prints that are much more convenient to ship, store, and swap out than traditional prints. Each lightweight aluminum frame is engineered for both flexibility and longevity—easily assembling yet able to support countless prints over its lifetime.


  • Retail point of purchase
  • Tradeshow and exhibition
  • Showroom and office space
  • Corporate offices


  • Multiple profile thickness
  • Double sided displays
  • Light box options
  • Freestanding, hanging or wall mounted


  • Fabric panels reduce shipping and installation cost
  • Graphics can be quickly and efficiently changed
  • Frames can be built to any size
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum frames
  • Easy to assemble
  • Prints have outstanding colors and resolution


  • Powerful LED Modules
  • Bright and even lighting
  • Very low power consumption (avg 40W/m2)
  • No heat radiation
  • UL and CE approved