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Smarter Visual Merchandising Tools

Designing and producing a floor sample, a window corner cutcontractor kits, and soft sided bags or any other merchandising tool for building materials doesn’t take a lot. Designing one that delivers a rich, personalized experience for your brand and product – and consistently wins the moment and sale – takes more. A lot more.

To give you more, we’ve spent over 30 years building expertise in flooring, windows and doors, vinyl siding and other building material categories – including both their channels and end users. The result is an unparalleled ability to design and produce smarter visual merchandising tools. Tools that capture buyer attention, involve both heart and mind, and ultimately drive the action you want.

Beyond this, we also bring a deep understanding of the latest materials and technologies for both production and fulfillment. Backed by our seven hi-tech production and fulfillment centers – we bring a “no limits” approach to your design and fulfillment options, while also driving out cost, waste and time from your program.


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