Turnkey Design, Production and Fulfillment Services

Our turnkey process for designing building materials samples and other merchandising tools, and for bringing them to market can be tailored to your specific needs, budgets and timeline, incorporating any or all the following services:

Market Intelligence

Relevant trends, best practices and competition

Market Research

Open questions answered

Target Buyer Personas Defined

Who are you selling to and what do they want? Which represent the best opportunities?

Buyer Persona Journey Mapping

What’s the buyer sales funnel – where do you fit in?

Success Checklist

Everything your sampling and fulfillment program must do win the sale including relevant KPIs

Design Ideation

Visual exploration of alternative ways to deliver each success element


Combining best of the best ideas into finished product design options

Prototyping and Testing

Before we make it, does it work?

Production and Fulfillment Planning

How do we make it and deliver it?


Bringing it to life

Fulfillment and Updating

Bringing it to market and keeping it working

Measurement and Reporting

Is it working? What’s our usage? How do we make it better?

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