New Product Launch – Direct Mailers

Our state-of-the art building material sampling, printing, bindery and fulfillment capabilities allow us to produce a multitude of samples and marketing tools. We have the capacity to fulfill anything from a simple one-piece mailer to a complex, multi-use kit where we combine samples with printed materials. Regardless of complexity, every sample is packaged to offer recipients an exciting, hi-impact opening experience that tells the story behind your brand.

For us, the design process for a mailer starts with a collaborative understanding of the mailer’s role in your audience’s journey to “yes” and a clear mindset for everything it must do to succeed. It continues with an exploration of design options for delivering that success, ensuring that no element is overlooked and everything fits perfectly within your larger marketing and digital campaign.

Thanks to our unique mix of capabilities, the range of options that we can explore is almost limitless. We provide unique formats, a myriad of substrates, hi-definition scanning and printing supported by shorter, personalized, on-demand print runs, custom fulfilled to your needs. We offer both offset and digital printing, including dye sublimated fabric printing.

A unique, multi-part mailer for a new vinyl siding product launch. It starts with a branded vacuum form tray holding a real vinyl siding sample with a color fan deck and product info behind it. This slips into a gorgeously printed turned edge sleeve which in turn fits into a mailing package with branding and messaging inside an out.

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