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Winning the Moment for Your Brand

Your brand’s building materials samples, graphics and other sales collateral typically get one shot – one moment – in front of a prospective buyer. That’s why it’s important to have a marketing partner who helps you “Win the Moment”. Understanding how to win that moment starts by understanding the five most common ways brand’s lose their chance to get the sale:  

  • Your brand wants to project a high-end image. Your materials project something else.
  • Your materials are missing critical information the buyer needs to say ‘yes.’
  • Your materials rely on someone else – a designer, retailer or contractor – to tell the complete story.
  • Your materials fail to make an engaging connection – offering no incentive to love your brand
  • You potential buyers are confused by inconsistencies between what’s on-line and the materials in front of them


Here’s how we help you get the moment right

A Smarter Strategic Design Process

By working collaboratively with you, we’re able map out everything your materials need to do to succeed – attract, engage, educate, convince, and connect with sales prospects. Then, before jumping to completed designs, we help you visually explore alternative concepts with renderings and deliver each element of success. Finally, we combine the best of the best, so your sample design is a true embodiment of your brand.  

This approach not only makes the process more efficient, but it also ensures nothing is overlooked, resulting in fewer back-end design changes, and far greater success in showing the buyer what’s unique about your brand with a sample.  

Turnkey Production of Marketing Tools

Your building material sample design needs the support of multiple production technologies to truly “Win the Moment”. We’ve carefully researched and collected the world’s best, including high-definition image capture, commercial printing capabilities, and closed loop color control systems. These give us the flexibility to create and produce innovative designs in a wide range of high-quality formats that takes what’s unique about your brand and weaves it into every aspect of the marketing tool.  

Sampco places

Transformative Fulfillment Capabilities

It’s not just what the buyer sees, it’s also when and where they see it. Our expert team works with you to get the right sample in the right place at the right time. With pre-built, personalized service and speedy shipments, Sampco makes getting meaningful marketing tools easier for your business. We have seven hi-tech production and fulfillment centers across the country that give your program access to massive production power, speedand cost advantages. With a reputation of being a reliable partner, our regional presence ships samples on time to where they’re needed 

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