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Yes, we offer complete mailhouse services, sophisticated enough for the most complex programs. Go here, for more. But that’s not what we’re talking about on this page. This page covers our marketing material warehousing and fulfillment capabilities. Specifically how we can help you manage, warehouse and fulfill a broader array of marketing materials, both printed and otherwise to help you win the moment for your brand. Our services cover – but are not limited to – printed sales collateral, POP kits for retailers, signage, promotional items and product samples. All of it is supported by our sophisticated systems and seven warehousing and fulfillment facilities across the country that let us store your materials closer to where they are needed, saving freight while speeding delivery.

Sampco Fulfillment programs

Why Use Outside Print Fulfillment Services?

Just The Space You Need​For many marketers outsourcing print fulfillment services offers a number of potential benefits:

  • Outsourcing fulfillment can save warehouse space – and/or allow marketers to get the economies of scale that come from larger volume orders knowing they don’t have to warehouse it themselves.
  • Outsourcing fulfillment can allow marketers to avoid the cost and logistical complexities of setting up and managing their own pick and pack and fulfillment operations. In fact, outsourcing fulfillment to outside experts often gives marketers access to a deeper talent pool, greater expertise, better systems and greater supplier leverage (e.g., access to discounted freight contracts) that they may not be able to get on their own, while also making fulfillment a variable vs. fixed cost.

Outside suppliers – like Qualprint – can bring other efficiencies to your program. For instance, implementing a min-max inventory control system where we work with you to set a maximum inventory level number and a minimum inventory level number for each SKU in your program. We then make sure inventory is never less than the minimum and never more than the maximum on an ongoing basis. So, when we see an SKU approaching the minimum-level we order additional products from the customer to raise inventory to a safer number, thereby reducing the risk of out-of-stocks. And when we see something not moving at all, we make sure you don’t reorder it – and ultimately get rid of it so you don’t pay for storage.

Web Print Portals For Fulfillment and Managing Orders

web print portals

Another specific capability that we can bring to your program is turnkey development of a secure, pass-coded web print portal that your customers, distributors or salespeople can use to order printed and other marketing materials. This can make managing your program far easier for you and allow authorized portal users to order anything from one to thousands of pieces based on your program’s needs. We’ll happily show you a demo of one of the portals we’ve built.

Warehousing And Fulfillment Solutions

Custom-WarehouseWe can offer you a broad array of warehousing and fulfillment solutions – customized and set up to your specific program’s requirements. And all backed by the latest systems and technology. Here’s a list of some of the many things we can offer your program:

  • Program strategy and development based on best practices and our experience
  • Web ordering portal development
  • Warehousing
  • Order processing
  • Drop shipping
  • Pick, pack and ship using a full range of shipping options from USPS and UPS to LTL trucking, FedEx, DHL and messenger shipments
  • Kitting and collation of marketing support materials
  • Labeling
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Banding
  • Fulfillment
  • Design and procurement of protective or fulfillment packaging
  • On demand printing
  • Inventory management to minimize waste and out-of-stocks
  • Custom reporting

For more on how we can help you manage the warehousing, ordering and fulfillment of your printed and other marketing materials, contact us anytime. We’re ready to help.


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