Color Cards

We design and produce color cards of all kinds for many different types of building materials (see projects below). Building materials industries we serve include – but are not limited to – windows and doors, roofing, vinyl, composite and metal siding, brick, stone and all kinds of hard surface flooring including tile, wood, LVT, laminate, resilient and rubber.

Our color cards run the gamut of shapes, sizes and formats – all based on customer needs. Cards can include actual material swatches, printed color swatches including HD, or a combination of the two. We have also pioneered innovative color card formats – for instance one that allows a set of colors – real materials or printed – to be clipped onto a large “hero” product sample. This works to show decision makers and end users the available range of colors. And by changing the color clip it gives manufacturers an easy way to change the color selection to adapt to regional buyer preferences or adds and drops in the program.

We support our color card work with a wide range of material cutting and printing technologies. These allow us to perfectly match texture and colors – including HD image capture and printing. We can also add all kinds of interesting effects to your color cards to reflect your brand’s story and image. These include foil-stamping, embossing, spot colors, varnish and die cutting.  We have both digital and offset presses which allow us to do any size run quickly and cost effectively. And we can add all kind of protective finishes to your color cards to help them survive the rigors of retail or the field – or to add interesting tactile effects.

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Color Cards for Building Materials