Siding Architectural Folders and Siding Sample Boards

Vinyl siding architectural folders are used in the siding industry to help show end users (usually homeowners, but in some cases commercial contractors) understand how siding will look and perform. This can be a great way to illustrate a siding company’s process, as well as special features or colors that a company may not be able to show in any other way. Siding sample boards, like architectural folders are also useful for siding companies updating their line with new colors or products seasonally.

Siding architectural folders and sample boards can be produced in many different sizes, and used to show off different styles, color schemes.

Sampco’s experience in working with many different building materials manufacturers ensures our customers that the work we produce for them is first class, and meets or exceeds their expectations. We are proud that the siding sample boards we make are Made in America, and proud to support our local economy, providing good jobs for our community and providing superior siding sample boards for the companies we work with.

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