Brick Sample Boards for Brick Manufacturers

We know brick and we’ve been helping brick manufacturers effectively merchandise their products for years (see some of our projects below). Our brick sample products – including large and mini-boards as well as brick sample boxes – are all carefully designed to showcase brick companies’ products. In most cases, brick buyers – including homeowners – need to see and touch actual products before buying. So our samples are artfully designed to not only present actual product and color ranges – but to also tell your brand story and effectively showcase product features and benefits. In addition to mass production of brick samples, we can also produce prototype samples that can be used to test a product and and/or a sample board’s popularity before committing to a major production run.

Beyond brick sample production, we are also expert at setting up customized brick sample fulfillment programs to your specifications – allowing you to trigger shipments in any quantity to any audience  – sales people, architects, distributors, contractors and homeowners. We can monitor your sample inventories and automatically notify you when additional materials are needed. Our extensive range of commercial print technologies let us produce a full range of quality brick sales collateral to send with your samples when needed. And our multiple U.S. production facilities – including ones in Georgia and Texas – allow us to produce and store your samples closer to where they are needed – saving you time and shipping costs.

Our expertise in the unique brick category ensures the highest quality brick samples. It also offers customers turnkey program management tools and real time insight into program KPIs. For more information please contact us anytime.

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Brick Sample Boards