Better Sales and Marketing Tools Designed for the Building Materials Industry

Stone Sample BoardSampco is an Expert in Creating Visual Merchandising Tools for the Residential and Commercial Building Materials Brands  

Our specialty is designing and producing sample boards, architectural folders and other visual merchandising tools that Win the Moment for your brand. These marketing tools are designed to foster meaningful connections to buyer by weaving what’s unique about your brand into the process. We specialize in giving sales prospects the information needed at that step in their journey to “yes” – all while integrating perfectly with your larger marketing universe.

The work we do at Sampco is powered in part by a deep understanding of the channels and decision-making processes used for building materials of all kinds. The market segments that we serve include – but are not limited to – roofing, decking, windows and doors, vinyl, composite and metal siding, brick, stone and all kinds of hard surface flooring including tile, wood, LVT, laminate, resilient and rubber. Our deep industry knowledge fuels Sampco’s design process that’s focused on collaboratively creating samples and demo kits that “Win the Moment” for your brand while helping your marketing budget go further.

Check out the different kinds of sample boards, sales collateral and architectural folders we produce (below) to learn more about how we help your brand  Win the Moment.