Sales Presentation Kits, Window Sample Kits, Zippered Travel Bags

Sales Presentation Kits are very important when pitching a product to a prospective customer, or when a brand needs to perform better in a crowded marketplace. Our experience working with many different building materials manufacturers ensures our customers that the work we will produce for them is first class, and meets or exceeds their expectations. Sales kits can help to explain the differences between materials, they can be used to show the advantage of our customer’s brand over a competitor, and they also can be customized to tell a brand story, and turn a prospect into a happy customer.

We produce everything in the kits in-house, and provide ongoing support and fulfillment however it is needed. Representing many different building materials companies we’ve done a wide variety of sales kits, from sales kit for roofing companies, window sample kits, siding kits and much more.

Sampco offers an array of printed marketing collateral to the building materials industries as well. We have a full scale commercial printing facility located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Many of our kits also include collateral print material that we produce, which can be given away to customers, that the salesperson meets with when demonstrating the product. Some of our sales kits are used to demonstrate the capabilities of things that physically must be shown in person for people to really understand, and have that aha moment. Or as we call it, that point at which you Win The Moment!


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Presentation Kits, Window Samples, Travel Bags