The Hybrid-Sample® for Building Materials

We all know it. Most buyers need to touch and feel real building material samples before they are willing to make a big, long-term investment in products like flooring, roofing or siding. We also know that the more you help a homeowner or designer visualize how a product will look in their home or project, the better the chance of a sale. Typically, that means making a sample as big as you can afford, or as big as can be safely handled by a prospective buyer.

But we can also offer you an alternative. The Hybrid Sample® which surrounds a piece of actual product with a perfectly color matched, HD-scanned and printed image of the same product to create the visual impression of a much larger sample. This approach can lower cost and weight while making a sample safer to handle and easier to ship. At the same time the buyer gets a real sample to touch and feel with the visualization power of a much larger sample.

People have been playing with printed samples for years, often with limited success. One reason is a lack of definition and image quality due to the use of a commercial camera vs. an HD scanner – and poor color matching with the actual sample material.

We can help you overcome both these problems thanks to our combination of the latest HD scanning and printing technologies. In fact, you have to see it to believe it. So if you interested in learning and seeing more, let us know.

woman in home holding sample flooring flip book
Flooring Sample Flip Book
Flooring Sample Flip Book HD Scanning
Flooring Sample Maker Sampco

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