Win the Moment with Our Vinyl Siding- In Home Selling Kit

Contractors are more likely to win the sale when they show up with vinyl siding samples and other sales collateral tailored to the homeowner’s likes and expectations. But most sales materials are what they are. The contractor has no flexibility to adapt them to regional, local or homeowner’s preferences.

Well, what if the contractor did? That’s one of our “win the moment” solutions – a customizable vinyl siding sales folder with a library of samples and collateral that the contractor can “cherry pick” to build a tailored vinyl siding sales presentation.

While all kinds of variations are possible, this version consists of three basic parts:

  1. First, a beautifully designed, turned-edge 3-ring binder that tells your brand and product story. This binder can be accessorized with options like an over-the-shoulder carrying strap, a wrap-around strap to hold it closed, a space on the cover to insert the homeowners name, or plastic pull-out feet that allow it to be set up as a presentation piece.
  2. Next a set of individual vinyl siding product pages that can be easily clipped in and out of the binder. Each would tell the story of a specific vinyl siding product or collection including photography.
  3. Third, what we call color cassettes. This is where the customization really starts. These cassettes each carry a real vinyl siding sample in a specific color that in turn clips onto the appropriate product page.

Now the contractor is ready to customize his presentation. He or she picks the product pages that are most appropriate, attaches the color cassettes that best match the homeowner’s preferences. The end result? Instead of a bunch of different binders or sets of samples, the contractor has a tailored pitch all in one neat presentation folder.

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