Buttons and Badges – Adding Promotional Messages to Your Retail Samples

Plenty of building material manufacturers have marketing messages that they would love to be able to cost effectively update on a seasonal basis. You know messages like, “New product colors”, “$100 rebate through June” or perhaps special pricing, or callouts of key product features. Most samples aren’t designed to accommodate this type of flexibility and eye popping messaging in a way that elevates the product’s image and branding strength.

So, bring on our “buttons and badges” innovation – high quality, attention-grabbing, snap on 3D message carriers that can be easily clipped on and off existing samples, particularly if you design your samples to gracefully integrate them. Our “Button’s and Badge’s” innovation is guaranteed to increase your same store retail sales, it’s a homerun!

Here are some examples of injection molded buttons and badges we designed to call out a key product differentiator – wind resistance – on roofing samples. These were tested initially in a small number of retail stores before being rolled out nationally.

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