Grouted Ceramic Tile Sample Boards

We are experts in designing and producing sample boards for all kinds of hard surface flooring products including ceramic and porcelain tile and stone. One of our specialties is producing grouted ceramic tile boards in both large and small formats to help retailers and contractors show homeowners and other end users what kitchen backsplashes, floors, bathroom and shower walls and other projects will look like when installed (see projects below). In fact, we’ve been helping ceramic tile manufacturers effectively merchandise their products in both the residential and commercial markets for decades. Our work includes grouted panels for use in tile showrooms, retail and tradeshows as well as by tile contractors and designers.

A cost-effective grouted tile program requires specific expertise and capabilities. Here’s a list of some of the advantages we can bring to any ceramic or porcelain tile sample program:

  • The most modern cutting and processing equipment including our programmable automatic tile cutting saw which allows us to offer tile manufacturers flexibility in shapes, perfect accuracy and incredible speed
  • We can set up fully customized tile sample fulfillment programs to your specifications – allowing you to trigger shipments in any quantity to any audience – salespeople, retail showrooms, architects, distributors, contractors and homeowners
  • We can monitor your sample inventories and automatically notify you when additional materials are needed
  • We have an extensive suite of commercial printing capabilities that allow us to also offer you a full range of quality sales collateral including brochures, installation guides, warranties – even showroom graphics
  • And knowing that freight is a huge cost driver in ceramic and porcelain tile we have six U.S. production facilities – Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts – to allow us to produce and store your samples closer to where they are needed – saving you time and shipping costs

For more on how we can help your ceramic tile sampling and visual merchandising program – contact us anytime.

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