The Advantage of Agile and Personalized Sample Boards

As one of the largest tile brands in the world, Daltile has a wide variety of unique sample needs to support its business. One of those needs is the creation of sample panels that go in Studio Showrooms to wow customers. These museumquality pieces have different dimensions, product showcases, and requirements that are often unique to each individual store. While each panel is unique, its main goal was to “Wow their customers with customers who want to see the style and craftsmanship of Daltile’s products.  

The Challenge Facing Daltile and the Importance of Project Execution

The issue Daltile faced was their current partner could not keep up with the schedule and production of the sample panels. Not only would the panels not arrive in time for store openings, but if there was a change in what was needed, the production in place simply couldn’t adapt. Since the showpiece sample panels did not reflect the trendy style the brand is known for, Daltile needed a new partner that had a keen attention to detail and agile processes.  

How Sampco Helped Daltile Wow Their Customers

Once Sampco partnered with Daltile, our team developed a stocking program for their sample panel needs from the ground up. With this program, we have an accurate account of the specific panels each retail store needs that streamlined the production process of these essential marketing tools.  

Since it was common for the sample panels Daltile used for their retail store to require clean and precise cuts of the material, the Sampco team got creative. This project required us to have the same production flexibility as tile manufacturers. We were able to partner with a company in Italy that makes diamond blade saws designed to cut specialty tile. Through this collaboration, they developed a smaller version of this saw to give our production the flexibility it needed.  

“Thanks to Sampco’s collaborative approach, they took the hassle and labor out of creating these essential sample panels for our retail stores. We needed a marketing partner who could adapt to constantly changing trends or the tile industry, Sampco rose to the occasion.”  

As the trends and products of the tile industry shift, Sampco can adjust the process of creating sample panels to meet any requirements given. Pair that with delivering solutions on-time to support the launch of new products and stores, Daltile has more opportunities to “Win the Moment”.  

Find a Nimble and Experienced Marketing Partner in Sampco

At Sampco, we know that the tile industry is constantly evolving, and brands have to ensure their products match relevant trends. Just like with Daltile, our expert team and streamlined production process can take the hassle out of your sample program. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your brand reach its goals.