Trade shows for building products are back in full swing, and industry professionals are coming together to explore the latest products. At trade shows, interactive booths and technology are taking place on center stage now more than ever. While the building products booths continue to evolve, it’s important not to forget about the impact that a classic approach can have. Join us as we discuss the importance of physical samples at trade shows and how they can keep your brand top of mind within the industry.  

Physical Samples Reinforce the Purpose of Your Booth

For a building products trade show, one of your main goals is to drive awareness and sales for your brand. One of the best ways to increase the visibility of your brand at a trade show is with physical samples. With physical samples, you’re giving booth visitors an opportunity to hold the product in their hands.  

There’s a reason why many building products like tile or wood flooring rely on physical samples to help drive sales. For products that go into the home, people want a tactile experience. This preference is reflected by industry professionals at trade shows. Whether it’s a representative from a distributor or dealer, many of their customers interact with physical samples as part of the buying process. By having physical samples incorporated in your booth, it’s giving the audience insight into what their customers can experience.  

Boost Physical Samples with Printed Collateral

One of the best ways to bring out the full potential of physical samples at trade shows is to back it up with branded print collateral. With these printed materials, you’ll have the opportunity to tell the complete story of your products in a more compelling way. It’s a tangible marketing tool that keeps your brand top of mind when prospects leave the booth. While physical samples explore the possibilities of your products, printed collateral gives audiences guidance on the next steps to engage with your brand.  

Physical Samples Support the Booth Staff

At building products trade shows, the foot traffic is usually off the charts. There are people constantly coming in and out of the booths, and if you don’t create a meaningful connection, your brand could fade into the background. One of the most important aspects of any trade show booth, are the staff, and Physical samples give them more opportunities to educate visitors about your products.  

For example, let’s say you’re a brand that specializes in ceramic tile. By having professional sample boards made for the trade show booth, staff have a more natural way of educating visitors about your products. However, that’s not the only benefit this marketing tool has. Sample boards also have the potential to tell a story on their own. If booth staff are busy talking to other visitors, someone can see the breadth of tile products that’s reinforced by a compelling story on a sample board.  

Having physical samples at your trade show booth is a great way to show builders the workability and strength of your products. That firsthand experience lets builders, architects, and specifiers see the possibilities your products opens up for them in the field. These audiences need to have confidence that a building product is not only going to look good but perform in demanding applications.  

Get Versatility for Your Trade Show Experience

The decision to have physical samples in a trade show booth gives you versatility in telling your brand story. We’ve already mentioned sample boards, but you can also utilize folders, color cards, fan decks, and even elements that can offer customization in each board, like an attached sample board compartment that holds business cards.  

All these marketing tool options also helps achieve one of the top goals of any building products trade show, making sure anyone who visits your booth knows exactly what you sell. While more technology focused collateral like brand anthem videos and displays have a role, they often can’t breakdown products in detail. Physical samples help your trade show booth showcase a full spectrum of products and what makes them unique so you can “Win the Moment”.  

“Win the Moment” at Your Next Trade Show with Sampco

If your building products brand is looking to make the most out of the next trade show, Sampco is here to help you “Win the Moment”. We’re a sample and marketing partner who specializes in creating tools that truly tell a brand’s story. From expert sample management to data driven inventory tools, the Sampco team makes it easier for people to fall in love with your brand. Contact us today to see how we can bring your brand to life at trade shows with engaging sample marketing tools.