Are Your Ceramic Tile Sample Boards Optimized?

For ceramic tile brands, sample boards play a key role in marketing and sales efforts. Not only do they provide brand awareness, but they also show customers the possibilities different tile products offer. In fact, some of the best sample boards inspire confidence with potential customers and can “Win the Moment”.  

Have you ever wondered if the sample boards being used for your ceramic tile brand are reaching their full potential? We can help answer that question. Let’s walk through some questions you can ask to figure out if your ceramic tile sample boards are optimized.  

Are Your Sample Boards True Representations of Your Products?

Ceramic tile sample boards are often the first impression potential customers have with your brand. So, it’s important that ceramic tiles on the board are a true representation of your products. Ask yourself:  

  • Is the ceramic tile on the sample boards cut with the same precision as the finished product?  
  • Do your sample boards showcase the right breadth of products that customers are interested in?  
  • Is there room to add real-world applications to your sample boards? For example, having grout applied to the ceramic tile on the board.  

In addition to these questions, it’s also important to make sure your sample boards are on-brand. Customers expect consistency throughout your marketing efforts. Your website, retail displays, and any other marketing tools should have the same branding as your sample boards. That way, customers will immediately recognize your ceramic tile brand whenever they come across any piece of your marketing materials.  

How is the Inventory of Your Ceramic Tile Sample Boards Managed?

Has your ceramic tile brand ever run out of sample boards and had to wait until new ones could be created? To close more sales, it’s important for your team, distributors, and dealers to have a reliable supply of sample boards. If you think there’s room for optimization in the inventory management of your sample boards, there are partners who can help.  

Sampco can help your brand develop a ceramic tile board inventory management system. Our expert team will track not only how many sample boards your brand uses, but also when it’s the optimal time to start producing new ones. When you partner with Sampco, you’ll have a steady supply of sample boards customized to the unique usage of your marketing efforts.  

Are Your Sample Boards Supported with Printed Collateral?

When a contractor or salesman is showcasing your ceramic tile products with a sample board, do they have any supporting marketing collateral to help them close the sale? If a customer is not ready to make a decision on which ceramic tile to use for their home, leaving behind printed collateral is very effective.  

The trick is to make sure that both the sample board and printed collateral tell the same brand story. That means using the right colors, design, and messaging. Plus, specialty printing techniques like embossing, die-cutting, and laminating can help make a lasting impact with customers. By working with a one-stop shop like Sampco, you’ll have confidence that all your brand’s marketing tools tell a consistent story.  

Level Up Your Ceramic Tile Sample Boards with Sampco

If you’re interested in taking your ceramic tile sample boards to the next level, Sampco is here to help. Our expert team has proven experience creating sample boards, managing inventory levels, and supporting your marketing efforts with printed collateral. Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize a solution for your brand