At Sampco, we specialize in creating branded marketing tools that resonate with sales prospects. From samples boards, architectural folders, custom solutions, and more, our team of industry experts helps building material brands bring their products to life with quality samples. But did you know that Sampco has full commercial printing capabilities through our sister company Qualprint 

With most pieces of printed marketing collateral, you get one chance to make an impact with a sales prospect. Join us as we go more in-depth on our commercial printing capabilities while showcasing how Qualprint can help your brand close more sales.  

Who is Qualprint?

Qualprint offers commercial printing services designed to help brands “Win That Moment” with custom marketing tools. The core of Qualprint’s strategy is to make it easier for your building materials brand to bring any idea to life with premiere finishing and production technology.  

An Print Industry Leader with a Local Feel

For many building materials brands, it’s common to think that their printer needs to be local. Mainly, this is because a partner that’s in close proximity helps ensure that printed collateral is delivered on time. The problem is that if you need a more custom solution, a local printer might not have the technology or processes in place to realize your vision.  

The good news is that Qualprint addresses both issues thanks to our internal process. For starters, we’re proud to have a regional distribution network that reliably delivers print collateral on time across the country. We also have technology and services that allow you to do color perfect pre-press checks from the comfort of your own office. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any surprises once your printed marketing collateral arrives.  

Capture Your Brand’s Essence with Printed Collateral

Printed collateral gives you the opportunity to express what’s unique about your brand in a way that grabs attention. A large part of what makes Qualprint’s commercial printing services unique is how we offer your brand services that can bring almost any ideas to life. From HD scanning, offset UV printing, LED curing, die cutting, embossing, laminating, foil stamping and more, our process makes sure that the craftsmanship and unique designs of your products are brought to life. Plus, all of our printing and finishing services are done in-house, making it hassle free for your team.  

Since nothing gets outsourced to another provider, you’re in control because you’ll work directly with the Qualprint team.  

The Value of Printed Marketing Tools

Even though digital marketing is a valuable tool for brands, print still has a high level of potential to be the deciding touchpoint that converts your leads into sales. For example, think about the last time you received a postcard. There’s a personal touch to it that has a greater impact than another email in an overloading inbox. Now imagine a branded look book your sales team can show prospects that has a smooth texture and foil stamped logos designed to catch the eye.  

This is the experience your building materials brand can use to “Win the Moment”. It’s an industry where so many purchasing decisions are driven by prospects having something physically in their hands. With the support of Qualprint, we can create any marketing tool for your brand from a physical sample to a look book, and so much more.  

Start “Winning the Moment” with Quality Samples and Printed Collateral

If your building materials brand is looking to close more sales this year, Sampco and Qualprint can help. Contact our team today to see how we can help your brand reach its marketing goals and “Win the Moment”.