CertainTeed is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in roofing. One of its flagship products, the Integrity Roof System needed an easier way for the sales team, distributors, and dealers to showcase the benefits of the system. Since the Integrity Roof System uses seven different products, it was a challenge to collect and present all the different product samples that were needed to show a potential customer the full picture.  

This is where Sampco enters the story. CertainTeed asked our team to design and create a comprehensive kit that includes the entire Integrity Roof System.  

Bringing the Roof in a Box Sales Kit to Life

The Sampco team designed a sales kit that made carrying around each individual piece of the roofing system a thing of the past. After some creative concepting, our team built a kit that could hold a sample of every product used in the Integrity Roof System. Think of it as a backpack where each sample slides in front of the other in an order that follows the installation process.  

With this “roof in a box” design, CertainTeed sales reps have an easier way to clearly sell the entire system as one package. The Integrity Roof System sales kit was also created in a way to show different roof configurations for various climates. This sales tool gives CertainTeed customers an interactive experience where they can get hands on with each product in the Integrity Roof System. It not only shows the quality of each product but gives people insight into what they can expect when the system is installed. 

A Roof System Sales Kit That Provides Lasting Value

The Sampco team designed the sales kit in-house and conducted testing to ensure it would perform in the field. The Integrity Roof System sales kit is engineered to last for years, saving CertainTeed time and money by not having to order replacements as often. As part of Sampco’s fulfillment program, the inventory levels of the sales kit are monitored by our team. If there’s a need for a replacement, the Sampco team will send it out, so the sales team doesn’t miss a beat.  

In fact, every potential sale has a higher return with the sales kit and helps forge meaningful brand awareness with potential customers.  

Another aspect of this project that gave CertainTeed value came in the form of printed collateral. All Integrity Roof System sales kits come with an eight-page booklet that describes each component. This beautiful, printed piece of collateral helps potential customers fully visualize the purpose of each step in the roof system.  

Win the Moment with Custom Marketing Tools from Sampco

If your building products brand needs a custom marketing and/or sales tool, the Sampco team is here to help. We have experience making unique solutions like the Integrity Roof System sales kit to help brands reach their sales goals. Contact the Sampco team today to learn more about how your brand can Win the Moment.