How Sampco Helped a Leading Tile Brand Craft Meaningful Samples and Efficiencies

For any business that works with building products, it’s common to attend industry trade shows. At Surfaces, the Sampco team met part of the MSI team. MSI is one of the leading tile brands in the U.S. and creates one-of-a-kind backsplash designs. As a large tile brand, MSI has an internal sample program within their own facility. While they had the need for a marketing partner who could help with grouted tile samples, MSI wanted to maintain the same standard set in their own program.  

Thanks to the vast experience the Sampco team has in the tile industry, MSI tasked us with creating samples for their Color Story project. MSI needed three different displays, each with a printed component, that showcased five different grouted tile sample boards. These displays were a key component of MSI’s showroom sales. For MSI, it was crucial to give prospects a true vision of how the tiles would fit into their projects.  

Becoming an Extension of the MSI Team

At the start of the project, one of the first tasks for our team was diving into the product specs shared by MSI. All the details behind each tile product were studied so that the finished samples aligned seamlessly with the brand experience that MSI was creating with their current sample offerings. To help accomplish this goal, the Sampco team stayed in communication with MSI to give them transparency and confidence in the sample creation process. Every step in the process from design to production was handled as if the MSI team had done it themselves.  

Any questions or comments from MSI were answered quickly to help keep the project moving. Throughout the process, we wanted to make sure that MSI felt like Sampco was an extension of their team. The personal approach Sampco experts took to collaborate made it feel like they were talking to a co-worker with the same goal and vision in mind.  

As the project ramped up in our Texas facility, the Sampco team created physical proofs for the grouted tile sample boards for MSI to review. Once MSI reviewed the Color Story proofs, they had confidence that the marketing tools coming out of the door were true representations of their brand. The Color Story grouted tile sample boards were also designed to be showroom ready when they were delivered. MSI was happy about how the color story sets were produced by the Sampco team.  

Sampco Helped MSI Create More Efficiencies with Their Sample Programs

The process of creating an accurate grouted tile sample board that showcases what’s unique about a brand is difficult. While MSI handled the Color Story project internally for years, letting a trusted marketing partner handle it freed up time and resources. MSI sales and marketing staff had more time to optimize their process for selling products at showrooms without the worry of sample production.  

Throughout the partnership, the Sampco team was committed to supporting product sample updates quickly while maintaining the high quality necessary to win their moment. Our team was ready to step in and help figure out the details for any adjustment needed.  

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