Print marketing materials have been forging meaningful connections with target audiences for years. In fact, many building products brands use print to help reach their marketing goals. In the industry, every interaction can be complemented with print collateral. With print, a potential customer can grasp the unique aspects of your products in a way that is visually pleasing, memorable, and allows you to tell a compelling story.  

While print is a valuable tool, choosing the right marketing partner is crucial to the success of your print collateral. Join us as we showcase some unique print capabilities Qualprint uses to give building products brands an edge.

Qualprint Takes the Hassle Out of Print Marketing

When you’re a building products brand, doing press checks of print jobs shouldn’t be a struggle. Traditionally these press checks can be a challenge and sometimes require you to travel and inspect printed materials on press for color accuracy in person.   

That’s why Qualprint goes the extra mile by giving partners the ability to do Kodak Insite digital press checks at their office, eliminating the need to be on press. By installing a Kodak Insite workstation in your own office, you’ll be able to see exactly what a piece of printed collateral will look like in a color calibrated monitor at your place of work. It can even make color and copy changes in real time for added efficiency and convenience.  

A Qualprint Kodak workstation gives you confidence that the printed materials will be true reflections of your brand story. By taking time to understand the unique needs of every partner, you get less surprises and errors. From finding the right proofing method to managing your inventory, it’s our goal to create a seamless print experience so your team can invest more time elsewhere.  

A Print Marketing Partner with Building Material Expertise

At Qualprint, we leverage our building materials expertise from the Sampco team to give your brand the best all-around print solution. Our team knows building materials brands and what the competition is doing from a marketing tool perspective. We’ll lean in and make suggestions to help your brand get the most of its print budget. For example, a tile brand could add embossing and texture to simulate the contrasting textures between their products and various grout options.  

It’s our goal to be more than just a commercial printer. Qualprint and Sampco are marketing partners who offer advice and enhance the performance of your existing print efforts. In the end you enjoy a better ROI.  

Commercial Printing with Unrivaled Color Matching

For building products brands, color and product matching is essential. Your print materials need to be a true representation of your products, or else you risk not meeting customer expectations. Qualprint and Sampco utilize a proprietary HD digital capture process that accurately captures the color, texture, 3D depth, and intricate details of your products. This scanning process helps bring your print marketing materials to life in the most realistic way possible.  

Qualprint also can customize any print marketing tool to give your brand more points of engagement. For example, let’s say you wanted to connect with a list of pros. Our HD digital capture technology would capture the unique color and grain of the product. Then, we could add a QR code onto the piece of print collateral for pros to order samples. It’s also possible to add accents to print collateral pieces to add a texture.  

Expert Print Marketing Helps Building Products Brands “Win the Moment”

Is your building products brand ready to get the most out of your sample and marketing budget? Qualprint and Sampco can create print marketing tools that fully capture what makes your products unique. Learn more about the custom print capabilities we can use to help your brand “Win the Moment”. Please contact our team today.