Effective Ways to Present Your Building Materials to Market

For building materials brands, it’s important to build brand awareness while showcasing the unique features of the products. Whether you’re a tile, wood flooring, LVT, or brick brand, the way products are presented in the marketplace often make or break sales.  

With building materials, you need to strike a balance between the marketing tools being engaging and the quality of the products shining through. Join us as the industry experts at Sampco share unique ways you can present your building materials that can help you close more sales.  

Utilize In-Home Selling Kits in Your Marketing Strategy

Contractors are more likely to close sales when they have a marketing tool that is tailored to a homeowner’s preferences and interests. That’s where in-home selling kits come in. These kits are designed to have a wealth of marketing collateral that tells the story of your building materials brand and products. With a range of marketing tools, contractors can customize their sales presentation to the homeowner on the individual level. It’s also a great way to present upgrade opportunities and options customers can buy on the spot. Ultimately, it gives contractors and your brand the ability to close more sales.   

For example, a contractor using an at-home selling kit to talk to a homeowner about wood flooring can:  

  • Pick out the product pages most relevant to the homeowner.  
  • More easily create an effective sales pitch.  
  • Choose color cassettes that match the homeowner’s taste and style.  

At Sampco, we have a proven track record of creating custom in-home selling kits for building material brands. Recently, our team built a vinyl siding sales kit contractors used to “Win the Moment” with homeowners.  

Quality Sample Boards for Distributors and Dealers

Whenever you’re presenting building materials, it’s crucial to think about the sales environment products are in. For distributors and dealers, people who visit them often want to browse their options. With building materials like wood flooring, tile, LVT, and brick, sample boards provide an opportunity to get hands on. It’s one of the best ways homeowners and pros can be confident in the brand they choose.  

 Samples boards have an opportunity to shine in distributors and dealers. To help your brand stand out on sample boards, showcase what products actually look like on projects. For example, a ceramic tile brand can create a more compelling sample board by including grout options. This makes it easier for homeowners and pros to visualize the final result, helping your brand stay top of mind.  

Don’t Forget About the Value of Print

Once commercial print becomes part of a marketing strategy, your building materials brand can present products in a variety of engaging ways such as:  

  • Look Books  
  • Turned Edge Folders  
  • Sample Books with Beautiful Print  
  • Sell Sheets  
  • And more  

One of the great aspects of commercial print is how you can customize it to match the unique aspects of your products. A wood flooring brand known for its dynamic grading could be brought to life in print with a glossy finish. Sampco has expertise in capturing the brand essence of a company and weaving it into unforgettable samples and printed collateral.  

An experienced commercial printer can also add tactile experience to collateral to complement your products. A brick brand looking to “Win the Moment” could add raised or corrugated sections to a look book. That change in texture not only makes the brick products more memorable but shows sales prospects your commitment to quality. Since Sampco has full commercial printing capabilities, our expert team will work with your brand to develop creative ways to present your products.  

Help Your Products “Win More Moments” This Year

In this blog, we’ve only scratched the surface of all the creative ways your building materials can present products on the market. If you’re looking for a marketing partner who’s a one-stop-shop for sample creation and commercial print, Sampco has got you covered.  

Contact us today for a free sales consultation on how we can help bring your building material products to market in engaging ways.