The Benefits of Providing In-Depth Inventory Control

General Shale is a North American leader in providing durable, beautiful, and affordable brick for a wide variety of building projects. No matter what type of technological innovations come into the market, it’s common for prospective buyers to see and hold the physical brick samples before making a purchasing decision. General Shale has a wide variety of brick products and has a persistent need for samples and marketing tools to help close sales 

The Challenge of Properly Managing Sample Inventory

General Shale was working with another partner for their brick sample needs. This partner was falling behind with sample delivery and did not have the infrastructure in place to provide clear inventory reporting. As a result, General Shale would have gaps in the sample boards that provided the crucial service of letting their prospective buyers get their hands on the product. Not only did their current partner fall behind, but their production also wasn’t flexible enough to handle customization requests for the sample boards.  

Since these issues had the potential to impact the brand’s potential to “Win the Moment” in sales, General Shale needed a marketing partner who was nimble and experienced to come in and fix the issue.  

How Sampco “Won the Moment” with General Shale

Once Sampco became a marketing partner of General Shale, the team knew that inventory control was a top priority. By using our experience with brick as a foundation, the Sampco team created an inventory control system. This system not only gave General Shale deep insight into their sample program, but also helped Sampco identify which regions of their business had the most sample demand.  

From there, our knowledgeable team members got to work creating all General Shale’s brick sample boards. To create an even more engaging experience for homeowners, our team individually customizes the sample boards to include specific grout requests, a truer way to visualize bricks finished look. Even though there are over 600 product skews to manage, the efficiency in our inventory control and production processes lets us maintain on-time delivery, so potential customers can view products and complete their purchase sooner.   

“Working with Sampco gave us accurate data on our sample inventory. When you have a marketing partner you can count on, it gives us more time to focus on other essential parts of the business.”  

Get Data-Driven Sample and Marketing Solutions with Sampco

Could your building products brand benefit from having a clear look into the inventory needs of your sample program? At Sampco we specialize in data-driven solutions backed by superior matching and quality control. Contact our team today and learn more about how a partnership with Sampco can help your brand “Win the Moment”.