How Physical Samples Drive Building Products Sales

In terms of using samples to boost sales, Costco has it down to a science. Not only do three out of every four customers take a sample, but this marketing practice leaves a lasting impression. In fact, popular news outlets like Readers Digest and Adweek published trending articles on Costco bringing back samples after the pandemic. Costco understands that samples are at the core of helping increase brand awareness by telling its unique story.  

While Costco is operating within a different industry, building product brands can also boost their sales through the power of physical samples and experiential selling.  

The Right Samples Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

While almost every building product brand has physical samples as part of their marketing strategy, not all of them are designed to tell a compelling story. By having your products or brand’s unique story on display, it gives sales staff natural talking points to reinforce the value being offered to the customer. When a story builds a connection with a potential customer, it can cut through the noise of other options and increases your brand awareness.  

How can your physical samples truly capture your brand story? It happens by having your marketing partner:  

  • Capture the Essence of Your Products: For any physical sample, you need to make sure that it is a true reflection of your product. That’s why Sampco has industry experts who take time to understand each building material product before a sample is created. Through the sample creation process, the Sampco team also consider key questions such as: How do your products go to market- which channels are being used – big box, distribution, lumber yards, architects? Who is the end user? Who is the decision maker?  
  • Showing Enough Product: To help physical samples drive sales, you need to ensure you’re showing enough product. For example, a boutique tile brand should show a robust blend of colors and designs. This not only showcases your brand’s craftsmanship, but also helps the sample board catch the eye of the customer. Be sure to find a good balance between your best room scene and actual product.  
  • Creating Visually Striking Samples: For many building products brands, samples are a critical step in a homeowner’s decision-making process.  By having visually striking physical samples that meet the needs of prospective buyers will be encouraged to get an up-close look at what the final product looks like. Focus groups have told us repeatedly that homeowners and contractors don’t like a lot copy, they prefer bulleted information and large beautiful pictures of actual jobs in their area, Put your best foot forward and help your sales prospects have peace of mind with their purchase decision.  

Samples Help Your Brand Thrive at Distributors and Dealers

It can’t be understated how important it is to give stocking dealers of your building products a steady and ample supply of samples. From physical sample boards to architectural folders, these marketing tools are one of the main feeders of contractors to your brand. Most distributors and dealers will promote whichever brand’s samples they have on hand. Many brands can’t keep these key points of interest stocked because it can be challenging to manage inventory levels across this highly active channel.  

When you work with a true marketing partner like Sampco, their team will help your brand manage its sample inventory. They’ll take a holistic view of your sample budget and factor in unique variables like seasonality and new product launches. That way, dealers and distributors will have a steady supply of samples to get your brand more visibility.  

Samples Empower Your Sales Team in the Field

It’s common for a building products brand to have a wide variety of product SKU’s For the sales team, this means that there’s a plethora of information they need to keep top of mind during a sale to a new customer. With samples that truly capture what’s unique about your products, it provides a supportive foundation that sets a sales team member up for success.  

Let’s say that you’re a building products brand that specializes in brick. The sales team could have a hard time explaining how different kinds of grout pair with your products. However, a detailed, professional and well thought-out sample board brings so many of the possibilities your products can offer to life. After all, in the midst of a potential sale, it’s the story your brand tells through samples and staff that make the difference. With Sampco, you’ll have branded marketing tools that help you “Win the Moment” of every sale.  

Boost Your Sales with Quality Samples from Sampco

If your building products brand is looking to boost its sales with samples that reflect your brand, Sampco can help. We specialize in marketing tools that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your audience. We’re here to get more people to fall in love with your brand and deliver that key moment to help win the sale. Contact our team today and learn more about the potential a custom sample program can unlock for your brand.