A Personal Approach to Wood Flooring Samples and Printed Collateral

Kahrs is a brand that has been in the engineered wood flooring industry for more than 160 years. Based out of Sweden, Kahrs continues to innovate by creating durable products that evoke a welcoming feel to interior spaces. Kahrs needed a marketing partner who understood the design intricacies of the product and could translate that to samples and printed materials for their expansion into the United States.

Weaving Sample Production in with Commercial Printing

After meeting at a trade show, Kahrs recognized that Sampco could provide physical samples that truly reflected the craftsmanship found in their wood flooring products; plus, printed collateral to capture the “wow” moment their products are known for. Sampco was able to convert pallets of materials into physical samples that were placed on MDF boards along with two eye-catching labels on the front.

Thanks to the data-driven process that Sampco uses for sample production, each quarter the team takes an organized approach to effectively produce 200 sample boards for anywhere between 16 to 32 SKUs. These sample boards are reliably delivered on time to flooring distributors across the country.

Since Sampco is a one-stop shop for sample production and printed collateral, Kahrs wanted the Sampco  team to print their look book. We were not only able to bring their brand to life, but also used our print expertise to accurately capture the products in real-world settings and scenes.

Special Projects That “Won the Moment” for Kahrs

Since our partnership with Kahrs, Sampco was able to spearhead several special projects that helped the brand “Win the Moment”. The first was a handle top sample kit that was custom made for the Kahrs internal sales team. The kit had a built-in space to carry four sample boards and a business card holder to make it easy for the sales staff to “Win the Moment” with homeowners and dealers.

To help Kahrs in their goal to break into the education space, Sampco created 250 custom architectural folders to help. The folders were designed to showcase the durability and craftsmanship of Kahrs wood flooring. This information combined with their products showcased in school settings gave Kahrs a valuable sales tool that emphasized the benefits of their products.

Find Your Sample and Commercial Print Partner in Sampco

If you’re looking for a marketing partner that specializes in sample production and commercial printing, Sampco is here to help. Our expert team and personal approach to marketing tools can boost the impact your wood flooring products have in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we help brands reach their sales goals.