Becoming a True Marketing and Branding Partner

Karndean Design flooring is a manufacturer of beautiful, high quality luxury vinyl flooring that is dedicated to bringing exceptional floors that inspire and delight their customers. As a premier brand in a competitive space within the building products industry, their physical samples and marketing tools need to be a true reflection of their beautiful luxury vinyl flooring designs.  

Aligning Quality Products with Unforgettable Marketing Tools

Before Karndean partnered with Vision Products they were working with a sample vendor that was struggling to match the quality and service of their products. As a company based in the UK who was looking to gain a larger foothold in North America, Karndean needed a marketing partner who understood their business and could deliver service and quality to the design community.  

Unlike some of the biggest players in the luxury vinyl flooring industry, Karndean has a wide variety of flooring sizes and colors with many of them having the most beautiful and realistic eye-catching designs. The cutting-edge designs that Karndean products capture is what sets them apart from their competition. As a result, a generalized approach to their architectural sample folder program wasn’t going to complement their core strengths.

How Sampco (Vision Products) Helped Karndean “Win the Moment”

At the start of the partnership, Vision Products took a detailed approach to gain a deep understanding of Karndean’s business. How could our expert manufacturing team hope to capture the beauty and craftsmanship of their products without first knowing the color, texture, inspiration, and all the other aspects of their products and distribution? 

From there, we proposed a local sample stocking program that would also give Karndean detailed insight into their sample inventory and only 19 miles away from their US headquarters location. Thanks to the detailed rundown Karndean provided of their products, brand, and customer needs, Vision was able to manufacture architectural folders locally that illustrated the beauty and inspiration behind their products.  

“At Karndean, it’s crucial for our samples and marketing tools to showcase the uncompromising quality of our luxury flooring. Vision Products not only took the time to understand our brand but consistently delivers the premium service and quality that capture the true essence of our products on time, every time!”  

By being loyal to what’s unique about Karndean’s brand, the Vision Products team was able to quickly launch local production and inventory of the sample goods that allowed Karndean to consistently meet the needs of their sales team and customers. It’s just one of the ways we helped Karndean “Win the Moment” with their customers.  

Elevate Your Samples and Marketing with Sampco and Vision Products

At Sampco and Vision Products, we don’t take a generalized approach to your sample and marketing tools needs. Like our team continues to do with Karndean, we’ll take the time to get to know your brand so our solutions can truly become a reflection of it. As an extension of your business, Vision is committed to helping your brand “Win the Moment”. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your building products brand reach its goals.