See How Printed Collateral Can Supplement Your Physical Samples

Take a moment to think back on the last time you were sent a handwritten postcard or letter. Whether it was from a family member or a dentist’s office reminding you it’s time for a check, a physical piece of paper grabs attention. What if your building products brand could capture that must-read feeling?  

While physical samples are key to your brand’s success, printed collateral has? the potential to boost their effectiveness. In this post, we’re going to showcase the benefits that printed collateral offers your sample program.  

Printed Collateral Reinforces Your Brand Story

If you’re a building products brand, you probably already have physical samples worked into your overall marketing strategy. After all, physical samples show sales prospects not only who your brand is, but also the craftsmanship that’s possible with the products being showcased. With the sample itself being the star, there are situations where the brand story needs some extra support to truly sing. That’s where printed collateral comes into play.   

Printed marketing collateral is a blank canvas that can be customized with copy, design, and texture to be a real reflection of what makes a brand unique. By complementing a sample program with on-brand printed collateral (Look Books, personalized postcards, brochures, folders, etc.), your brand is more likely to grab the attention of sales prospects and “Win the Moment” by forging a meaningful connection.  

Set Your Sales Team Up for Success

One of the main benefits printed collateral brings to the table is how it empowers your sales team in the field. When sales are equipped with physical samples and printed collateral, potential customers get the complete picture of what the brand has to offer. With the range of SKUs many building product brands carry, printed collateral can act as a supportive foundation that a salesperson can refer to.   

While the physical sample is crucial, a supporting piece of printed collateral like a brochure gives sales prospects essential brand information in an easily digestible format. Even if someone isn’t ready to make a purchase, printed collateral adds a level of reassurance to your team about the sale. That branded print piece is working in the background to keep your products top of mind.

Printed Collateral Fortifies Your Brand Image

In many building products industries like LVT, ceramic tile or brick, there are a variety of brands for your target audiences to choose from. When a branded piece of printed collateral is paired with a physical sample, it starts to build credibility for your brand.  

It’s also worth mentioning just how far printed collateral has evolved over the years. Today, you can create memorable printed pieces with die cut treatments, glossy finishes, and special papers that communicate the quality of your brand. All these print methods and technologies are used by the Sampco team to bring what’s unique about building product brands to life. With our unique process, we give your brand the flexibility to create one or 10,000 personalized pieces of printed collateral with your mailing list.  

For example, if you’re a ceramic tile brand, having a customized printed postcard that talks about the beauty and reliability of the product could be very helpful. While a sales prospect is looking at samples, that printed custom postcard has the potential to be a differentiator in their decision-making process. A personalized printed piece has the potential to inspire your customers by showing them the real-world applications of your products.  

Prospects want to feel confident in the products they put in their homes. By having an option that is reinforcing a commitment to quality, your brand can stand out amongst the rest. Beautiful, printed collateral is also a great way of reinforcing:  

  • Your logo so more of your audiences will recognize other marketing efforts.  
  • Unique differentiators about the products and services you offer.  
  • The craftsmanship that goes into your product offering.   
  • QR codes linked to your website or landing page. 

Sampco Helps Your Building Products Brand “Win the Moment”

Did you know that Sampco has full commercial printing capabilities alongside expert sample and regional fulfillment services? Our team can help your sample program be in harmony with printed collateral so that both achieve their full potential. Contact the Sampco team today to see how we can help your brand “Win the Moment”.