What to Include on Your Samples and Marketing Tools to Impress Customers

The early stages of the sample creation process are like a blank canvas. There’s a wide spectrum of opportunities waiting to be unlocked. Every decision is made with the viewer in mind. For building material samples, you have one moment to impress a potential customer to entice them into diving deeper into your brand.  

The good news is that there are a variety of sample design strategies your brand can use to “Win the Moment”. Join our team of industry experts as we share what to include on your samples that will impress customers.  

Use QR Codes to Guide Your Product Experience

While the product itself is often the star of a sample, there’s a unique supporting strategy building material brands should leverage more often – QR codes. By adding a QR code to your samples, a whole world of possibilities opens. Think of it as a way to have customers embark on an engaging digital journey that will keep your brand top of mind.  

QR Code

For example, let’s say there’s a tile brand that wants to showcase the beauty of the patterns their products offer. Since there’s limited real estate on a sample board, a QR code could be scanned and take the user to an interactive room planner. And that’s just one option. QR codes can guide your customers to a variety of resources like:  

  • Product pages on your website  
  • A video showcasing how your products are made  
  • A landing page where customers can request a project quote  
  • Your brand’s social media platforms  
  • And more!  

Give Customers the Whole Picture

With building materials, the product isn’t the only visual in the final look. For example, bricks can have different types of mortar applied that changes the look just like grout and tile. One way to set your sample boards apart is to include grout or mortar in the display of the product. This is quickly becoming the preferred way to view tile and brick samples since it gives customers a holistic view of the product. It’s a way to see exactly how your product will look in a home or building project.  

Specialized Grouted Ceramic Tile Sample Boards

Did you know that one of our specialties at Sampco is creating custom grouted ceramic tile sample boards? It’s a great way for tile brands to clearly show homeowners what their products will look like once they’re fully installed. In fact, it’s an effective way to merchandise tile products in both residential and commercial markets.  

Some of the major tile brands we work with have our team create beautiful, grouted tile backsplash samples to “wow” customers in showrooms. The eye-catching patterns and the craftsmanship that goes into the grout application are put on display.  

Enhance Your Sample Boards with Buttons and Badges

Plenty of building materials brands want to add promotional messaging to their samples. The problem is that some marketing tools aren’t designed to have that kind of flexibility unless you completely remake them. By including buttons and badges in your samples, you’ll be able to include promotional messaging in a cost-effective way.   

One of the great aspects about button and badges is that they can be removed or added to give a more custom approach to every sale. At Sampco, our buttons and badges are injection molded to either slide onto the sample or snap-fit through a board. Buttons and badges give you the space to call out key differentiators like the unique grain pattern of a wood flooring line.  

Buttons and Badges - Example

Plus, our expert team can design custom buttons and badges that are different sizes, shapes, introduce new colorways and more. It’s a great way to give your samples a refresh while getting more impact for your marketing budget.  

Get One-of-a-Kind Marketing Tools by Partnering with Sampco

Sampco is a true marketing partner for building material brands that want their samples to work harder and close more sales. With proven sample design and creation expertise, our team specializes in showing customers the unique aspects of your products.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we take the hassle out of creating samples that “Win the Moment”.